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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Decoding Linux kernel oopses

There's an excellent post by Al Viro on how to decode Linux kernel oopses. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Linux kernel debugging.

It's not dead yet

I thought I'd give a status update just in case someone is actually following Jato development and thinks that the project is dead. :-)

Executive summary: It is not but Linux memory management stuff got into way during christmas vacation and I am now studying for a maths exam due to next week, so I haven't been hacking on Jato for a month. I also got way too interested in hardware hacking which is taking up time from hacking on Jato...

As for the hardware stuff, I recently discovered Project VGA which is really interesting as I have been looking for a way to do a custom DVB-C card with remote control receiver for my Myth TV box that only has one available PCI slot. So just to keep me busy, I ordered two new books: Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics and Designing Embedded Hardware. As if I don't have enough books waiting in my backlog already. Oh, well...

I am also now reading Programming in Haskell (Tuomas finished reading it, so I got the copy) and I must say I am impressed with the language. I never really understood why functional languages had "pattern matching" in the first place but once I saw examples such as:

factorial 0 = 1
factorial (n + 1) = (n + 1) * factorial n

I really started appreciating how you can basically separate all the special cases from a function definition making the actual logic more readable. Also, I am really looking forward to the "Functional parsers" chapter which probably will help me understand Parsec better.